Featured Design: Rachel Wire Wrapped Earrings

When I learned to make wire-wrapped jewelry I was hooked! There are so many wire wrapped earrings you can design and make when you know how to bring an idea to life using a little wire. Such is the case with the Rachel Wire Wrapped Earrings. I sat in the barber shop one day while

Valentines Day Gift for Him: Mens Bracelets

You have a great guy. He’s special and you want to show him. Right? If you are looking for a great Valentines Day gift for him, consider mens bracelets. More and more men are wearing jewelry these days. Mens bracelets have quickly become the go-to accessory for men. The Business of Fashion Blog names mens bracelets as a

New Design: Isabelle Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are some of the most beautiful earrings to wear. You can dress them up or down depending on what you’re wearing and for what ocassion.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my third eye gave birth to these stunning drop earrings.   These drop earrings are a truly original design. I can’t wait

Custom Jewelry: Skull & Roses Bracelets

I really enjoy a challenge especially when it involves custom jewelry. I like the challenge of finding materials and constructing designs my customers think up. One such challenge was presented to me recently by my client Toby Blyth of Sydney,Australia. Toby is one of my repeat customers. I appreciate all my customers, but my repeat

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Men’s Beaded Bracelet

More and more men are embracing jewelry these days. Men’s bracelets are increasing in popularity. One style of men’s bracelet that stands out above the rest is the beaded bracelet. Bracelets featuring gemstones are the go-to accessory for men who desire to add jewelry to their wardrobe. Men’s bracelets make great gifts for the trendy

Why Some Metal Jewelry Turns Skin Green

It’s often been said that cheap jewelry turns skin green, black or some other weird color. And, while it is true that some jewelry turns skin green, jewelry being cheap is only part of the story. Metals both expensive and inexpensive can turn your skin green. Before you write off piece of jewelry, consider some of the